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Track & Field

2022-2023 Track & Field Schedule 


First day of tryouts/practice: March 27th, Monday 


Meet start times: 4pm- warm up at 3:30pm


April 12th, Wednesday


Slater & Santa Rosa- SRHS 

Comstock @ Rincon- MCHS


April 17th, Monday 

BYE: Rincon Valley 

CCLA & Santa Rosa- SRHS

Comstock & Slater- MHS


April 19th, Wednesday

BYE: Santa Rosa 

Rincon Valley & Slater- MHS

CCLS & Comstock- PHS 


April 24th, Monday

BYE:  Comstock

Slater @ CCLA- EAHS

Santa Rosa & Rincon Valley- MCHS 


April 26th, Wednesday

BYE: Slater 

Rincon Valley & CCLA- EAHS

Santa Rosa & Comstock- PHS 



May 1st, Monday

Semi-Finals 4pm start

Boys & CCLA at Elsie 


May 3rd, Wednesday

Semi-Finals 4pm start 

Girls & Comstock at Piner 


May 10th, Wednesday (field event starts at 1pm- running event starts at 3:30pm)

Finals at Maria Carrillo High School

Host: Rincon Valley Middle School 


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