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Student Clubs

Yearbook CLUB 

Advisor: Ms. Rockwell



KARAOKE CLUB                                                            WARHAMMER 40K

Advisor: Mrs. Blessing                                                 Advisor: Mr. Paine 



singing                                              warmhammer


Advisor: Ms. Rockwell

PRIDE Club is a safe meeting place for our LGBTQ+ students and allies. The average meeting opens with a quote from a leader in the LGBTQ community. There is then a learning component about community, such as what the different symbols and flags mean. The students then usually engage in an activity that allows them to interact with more members of the club, and to speak or find their truth.



Anime Club

Advisor: Ms. Rockwell

In Anime Club is a student run club. The students select a variety of school appropriate Anime and sample it throughout the year. Students also choose to watch it in Japanese with English Subtitles or the dubbed versions. As we watch the anime, there are various contests connected to the Anime. The first anime selected for this year is My Hero Academia, and the contest was for students to create a Hero following the guidelines presented in the show.